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problems with 1.38

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I download about 8000 jpg files in ~150 folders. Size ~4 GB.

The program 1.38 hangs when trying to change the priority of some files or block some files or folder.

After the download is completed and the full test, 1.38 loads CPU about 50%, it worked for about 40 minutes and start the download again,

although folders have been no bc! file. In version 1.37 had no such problems.

The same windows 7x64 and the same computer.

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The option to select files within a torrent was something that was added by bitcomet so people could get a small part of a large torrent. If you needed one television show from an entire season the option would be invaluable, but from what I understand you are saying, the way you're using it is probably making things worse.

If your 4gb torrent is made of 5mb pieces you'd have to disable every file in any given piece before you can avoid downloading it, but if any file or piece of a file that you select to download is in that piece, it will need to be downloaded even if most of the files within it aren't wanted so you'd be better off to just delete the unwanted files after the download is complete and you have uploaded your fair share.

It's also important to understand when you disable even one file you can never be a seeder which could result in others being stuck at less than 100% because you don't have the files to share.

However if you have a valid reason for doing this and feel there is a bug in this version In order to confirm a bug I'd need to reproduce it so I'd need the exact task and steps to cause a problem.

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In this 1.38 version this software don't check tracker properly. And after disconnect net this software don't connect to the peer/seeder & cannot check tracker at all.

And i m also returned to the previous version and all problems disappeared.

You haven't explained how you came to these conclusions and haven't provided any information about your computer or connection so there is no specific tests I can do to try to duplicate what you reports other than selecting a random torrent and downloading it which works perfectly for me.

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