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Need Bitcomet to virus scan with AVG


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Recently I've changed my AV to AVG 2015. Now the problem I'm facing is that I can't get it to start virus scan after a download finishes. Atleast according to AVG's option > history > scan results it dose'nt.

I have learnt from this web page ---http://www.avg.com/w...m-3604#num-3604

that the .exe required for this are either avgscana.exe or avgscanx.exe. For your information I also use Internet download manager, there my selections are

For path C:\Program Files (x86)\AVG\AVG2015\avgscanx.exe and for parameter- /scan=[File] /clean

And when checked in AVG option > history > scan results it shows that the scan has been performed with the findings in detail.

But in bitcomet I've tried with both of the above exe files and only thing that I've been getting is a command window that opens and closes as soon as a download complets, but when I check in AVG option > history > scan results it does'nt show that a scan was performed.

I'm using Bitcomet (64 bit) 1.38

What should I do now? Please help.

Thanks for taking the time it will be greatly appretiated. T.C

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The command prompt window indicates that bitcomet did what you asked, but the commandline must not be correct. You may have to ask for help in AVG's forum as I don't use it, but perhaps another member who does can help.

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