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Why do well seeded movies stop mid-download or not start at all?

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For example, now I am trying to download The Truman Show ... with 15 seeders and no leechers ... should be a quick, easy download.

However, it hasn't started for hours. Is there something *I* can do to kickstart it?

A few days ago, I started Frida (2002) ... it stalled at 99.7%, and hasn't moved for over 2 days (despite showing 4 seeders and no leechers).



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The numbers on the torrent sites are rarely accurate, bitcomet reports the peers it gets from the trackers but when people add multiple trackers to a torrent that screws it up because many are duplicate.

There are many reasons a torrent can stop at 99.x% and we have a topic on it in our FAQs at wiki.bitcomet.com. It is also often caused by people disabling files in a torrent so they can never fully seed the torrent. If it's a video in most cases it should still play fine.

Also check if you have a lot of dropped data or if you have repeated hash failures on the same piece in your log.

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