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i still don't understand torrenting.. someone please help.


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i want to ask some questions about torrenting.

I created a torrent file for a movie and uploaded the torrent to piratebay, now i want to delete the original movie from my pc.

The torrent will work after deleting the original file from pc?

What is seeding? it it necessary all the time when i upload a torrent file? if yes then will it effect my internet speed?

i want to upload lots of movie torrents of different movies. what is the good way to do that?


I uploaded a torrent last night on piratebay.com and today it had 8 seeders and 4 leechers..

what does it mean... how it got 8 seeders so fast? does it mean all those people downloaded the movie and started seeding it?

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A seeder is a person who downloaded all of it and is now sharing, leecher is a person who has not yet completed the download. If you haven't yet uploaded the full size of the movie it's uncommon, but not impossible that there could be seeders present, but if you have, then each person you upload to shares the pieces with others so having 8 seeders is not unusual at all.

There are two schools of thought for uploaders, some upload until there are several seeders and abandon the torrent to live or die on it's own merits while others will continue to seed it to make sure it doesn't die an early death. Some of which will reduce the upload speed so most of their bandwidth can go to new releases.

Your torrents will continue to work only as long as there are active seeders. Many downloaders do their part to share, some go way beyond, but there will always be some who stop when they get what they want with no regard to the rest of the peers either out of greed, or ignorance. If you don't have room on your PC then you may have to remove some, just make sure they have a good number of seeders first.

I also recommend you look at our wiki.bitcomet.com website, it can teach you a lot, we also have a comprehensive FAQ section. You can find links below in my signature.

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