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Cache, where is it ?

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v1.41 2016.05.25

Core Improve: increase default disk cache limit from 50 MB to half of total momory, up to 1GB

And now ? Where is the disk cache and how to specify that the application must use a specific folder for the cache?


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What is disk cache?

Disc cache on BitComet is a mechanism for improving the time it takes to read or write to HardDrive (HDD).

Where does this process takes place?

The cache process takes place in RAM (Random Access Memory).

Then what are "Disk Cache" options?

Those options control the amount of RAM used to cache the files.

How does this help me?

It is ideal for this process to take place in RAM to prevent the HDD from being overworked. In other words, if you would switch the process to take place on HDD instead of RAM, BitComet would most likely crash, your computer would freeze up, and your HDD would die in a short time.

Can I switch the process to take place in any other location specified by me?

No, you can't.

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If you believe the disc cache is something that exists on your harddrive, then you clearly don't understand what a disc cache is.

If you are asking how to adjust the settings of your disc cache, then you should rephrase your question.

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