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Need serious account help


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Hello forum, i wish to change my email account so i can use this email for another account since i cant change my username, my intention is to have a new account with a new username.

I have tried changing email but the forum rejects my password, i even changed the password and confirmed, but the forum still rejects my password. Please help me fix this problem. I need to fix it today or ASSAP so i can continue using this forum

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This issue can be complicated because a few years ago this forum was integrated with Comet ID so those who registered with comet ID would not have to register again here, so the forum account creation is automated. I can make changes to forum accounts, but not to comet ID accounts. The development team has stated they won't be making changes to the database for things like email or name changes. If you want the forum password changed I can do that but it probably won't work now that it's routed through Comet ID.

However you are free to make a new comet ID account and a new forum account will be created and associated with it.

Hope this helps

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Well I dont remember if my cometID was used with the same email or if i forgot my comet ID or password, all i know is that i tried changing email here and it doesnt work. At least if i cant change my email can you try changing my ID? I want to change Pcnoobsdc to BitCometLord or AnonLord, change it if you can and let me know the results....

If that doesn't work, then let me know so that i can try a new email account.

Can you also tell me what is the use of a CometID? And also how to be anonymous when downloading torrents with Bitcomet. I really need to know that

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