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Downloads stop at 99+%

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I down load films getting torrents from Extra torrent. I can down load several at a time or just one it matters not nor what time of day it is. The downloads all progress nicely until they get to between 99.4 and 99.8 % then drop off to zero download rate and stop. With the download still active they just sit there for the rest of the day until midnight clicks over and then they magically start to go again and complete within a few secs to a min or so.

At 99 something percent it will not allow me to open and watch the film in comet untill it's reached 100%. So every day I have to wait until after 12 am to watch anything even though I may have started the download the previous morning and it had reached 99+ by mid afternoon.

I have no limits and can download as much as I like. If I downloaded 10 films at the same time they'd all show a download rate and continue until 99+ then stop one at a time, sit there and all start and complete later that same night as soon as midnight came, Once they stop at 99+ it's not like I've 'used up' my quota so to speak because I can start downloading other torrents(films) which will happily download until 99+ where then they too will stop, only being able to complete when the clock on the laptop goes over 00.00

What else do you need to know ?

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the first place to start is the "READ THIS before posting" topic which is linked throughout the forum as well as in my signature, but I can tell you after running this forum since it first begun 10 years ago, and being involved in the prior forum which we shared space with another popular forum, that I've never heard of downloads that regularly stall until midnight, so unless you have some specific limitations on your LAN or with your provider, then it doesn't fit any of the normal issues that cause tasks to stall at 99.x percent, but we do have a topic on that subject at wiki.bitcomet.com which is also linked in my signature below.

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