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Windows 10 Integration (plus, Progress Graph problem)


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I'd like to report a couple of problems I've been experiencing with Bitcomet x64 under Windows 10 with IE11.

1. When clicking a download link with Bitcomet closed, it works as expected. BC opens with the download dialogue and lets me select a destination, etc. However, if I click a link while BC is already open, nothing happens for few seconds and then Windows switches to BC but no download dialogue appears. If I close BC after each download, then it works as expected when clicking a download link.

2. Not so much of a problem, just cosmetic, the Progress Graph when downloading a file bugs out when downloading faster than about 20Mb a second. As the download accellerates, the graph changes height to match and the speed indicator (number in the top right corner) changes accordingly until it gets to 17Mb/sec. It then goes back to showing 10Kb/sec and the graph is just one solid block.

While neither of these are particularly major (I can always close BC after each download), it would be nice if they could be fixed. It may be worth noting that I've had these problems since Windows 10 came out, and I have done two fresh re-installs since then, and both of these problems still remain. I don't like Firefox or Chrome (too many problems with these) and I'm familiar and comfortable with using IE, so please no suggestions on using a 'proper' browser. ;)

Also, are there any plans to enable Edge integration once Edge extensions are available?

Thanks for reading this! :D


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Thanks for reporting this. I have chosen not to install the windows 10 "upgrade" so I can't confirm your bug is universal for all users, but you did a good job of describing it. If you feel upto making screenshots that might help regarding the graph problem. Also, can I assume you are talking about HTTP downloads, not bittorrent? If so, I elected to use the "flashgot" extension in my browser so I'm prompted to select if I want to let my browser handle the download, or select any installed managers to take control. If they make a version for your IE you might want to try it, if not, the only other thing I can think of is to remove the browser integration and reinstall it... it's worth a try. Otherwise I can't speak for the development team, but they do review the forums and hopefully will work to confirm and correct these issues.

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Thanks for your reply. Having been in IT for 30-odd years, I've kinda got used to describing faults in as much detail as possible. ;)

Problem 1. This happens with both HTTP and Torrents. If BC is open when I click a BT link, Windows will switch to BC after a few seconds but the "Downloading Torrent" dialogue does not appear and nothing else happens. If I close BC and click the link again, BC opens and the dialogue appears, as it should.

While testing this out for this post, after a few tries IE started to want to download the .torrent file rather than automatically opening BC. No matter what I try, I am now unable to get BC to open a torrent link automatically.

I've rebooted and tried reinstalling the IE extension, but it's still the same. When ever I click a torrent link, IE wants to download it. If I click Open (rather than Save) then BC accepts it and gives me the download dialogue (for the files in the torrent, not the .torrent file), no matter if BC is open already or not. So I'm really not sure what happened with that.

This hasn't affected the HTTP downloading, which still has the problem as originally described.

Problem 2. Here's a screenshot of the graph when it goes wrong...


Hope this helps! :)


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What do you have about a 200mb/s internet in the uk? didn't know they were available there.

Yeah, Virgin Media 200Mbps Fibre to the Cabinet, which is only a few yards down the street. While it's supposed to be "upto 200Mbps" we usually get 210+ out of it. :)

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I see you've now 'sold your soul' and installed Win10 ;) Any chance you can see if you have the same problems I've been getting? I do run BC on a second Win10 machine at home and I'm getting the same issues on that too, so I hope that you do too.

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