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Demoted from General to Recruit!?


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Hi, I have been having problems with my Bit-Comet lately. First off, I had not been able to log-in for several months. I tried manually signing in, but after a minute it would fail. Then it got worse, I would manually sign in and nothing would happen at all. I should have posted sooner, but it had happened before and eventually got fixed.

Now I find I am auto signed in at the rank of recruit! When I click on my user name I am taken to a page that tells me I am still a general, but that's not what's happening in the client. My download speeds have dropped sharply and I have had several torrents quit at 95-99% and just sit there for hours- and these are fresh torrents, for example the latest Walking Dead!

My Info:

-I am using the latest version according to Check Updates

-ADSL connected by cable directly to Router

-Router is a Thomson tg585 v7

-Windows 7, 64

-Windows Firewall is off.

-Panda Antivirus (ran fine with that on for years)

-No filtering that I know of

Thank you for any help or suggestions you can give! if I can supply any more info that would be of assistance to solving this, please let me know!

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17 hours ago, The UnUsual Suspect said:

If you search in the forum you will realize that this happens sometimes and it's impossible to operate a free service and have it never go offline now and then. 

I am a bit taken aback and saddened by your response, Mr Administrator.

I am a really polite person and just now I have looked through my post to see if I was being in any way rude- I do not believe I was, and the requisite 'please' and 'thank you' are both in place. If there was any emotional content in my post it was simply dismay and a desire to get some help, hence I posted here in the forum designated for getting help, making sure to read the read me and give my info properly. If you somehow found my post offensive, I do apologize! I DO understand that this is a free service, and difficult to maintain, I have been with you for years. I DID read the forums, and found nothing that directly addressed my set of problems. Please note that in my original post I said that I had waited several months before reporting this. How long am I supposed to wait? I would think if there was a problem, you would want to know - ?

I don't know what else to say or do, I am at a complete loss. Sorry to be a bother, I guess. :(

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Actually we are a lot more polite than most of the competitors forums and I didn't think I was being rude, although it does get frustrating when we get a new topic about being unable to sign in to comet ID about every six months or so when the website server crashes or needs to be maintained, however if you've had this problem for several months, then there is something wrong on your end.

My last reply was left while having about 30 seconds of time before I had to leave so it was only intended to reassure both members that if comet ID stops working it is nothing to worry about, even without it bitcomet can work at least as well as any other client.

I just checked myself and BitComet started up and signed right into Comet ID and displayed my correct rank immediately. The port check failed, but worked immediately when I rechecked which would indicate the server is probably a bit slow at the moment, but not a problem. If you still cannot log in try restarting your computer and shut down any other apps that are running. Also try unplugging your modem and router for 30 seconds to reboot them. It's also possible you may have some malware that is attempting to make more connections than your router can handle and when bitcomet starts it's connections are queued or timed out. 

As for slow speeds, most people can reach max speeds on a popular torrent with or without comet ID, it's more often poorly seeded torrents that it makes the most difference, and torrents stopping at 99.x% can be from many causes including other users who don't download all the files, therefore can never be a true seeder, but I suggest you read the article on wiki.bitcomet.com in the FAQs. 


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OK,  thank you, now I have something to work with. I had not been able to log in since September, then all of a sudden a few days ago I can log in but all my accrued points were gone. I saw your thread talking about reaching Marshal and realized I had better speak up, it's really no fun going from general to recruit. I do appreciate your time, thanks again!

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If your stats cannot be located it will default to recruit level which allows you upto 40 LTseed connections and permits use of the system even when partially down, but as far as I know, no one has lost their points and the system does sometimes go offline, but we have no full time paid staff to keep the servers running. The development team and this forum staff are all volunteers and from what I understand it's been a struggle just to pay the monthy server bills, so hiring three shifts of IT professionals to keep the system up with little or no down-time is not an option since BitComet is freeware. 

I hope this issue is resolved and if you uncover more clues feel free to share.


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No good news I am afraid. I have tried all of your suggestions, but I am still demoted in the client. Here is my page from the client showing my former rank: http://www.cometid.com/accounts/score?sid=843df6e31ef4edd92938c83212597284

It seems strange that scores might be stored locally, but I can't find them if they are. Anyway, I accept defeat and will move on.

Thanks again for your time and help.

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That link will only work for you since I cannot be logged into your account to see your stats. Maybe you can make screenshots of the cometID site and your client?  Also make sure the cometID names match. Usually when there is a problem like this it's because a user made a new account, often without even knowing it. This can be done if you click on "sign up" instead of "sign in", or you login with social media instead of cometID. 

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Also, I just noticed the cometID server is currently down, so I can't do any further checking until it's working again. Generally it's usually fixed within a day or so, but weekends and holidays (chinese) can cause extended outages. 

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