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If you're talking about logging into the forum, you did that or you wouldn't have posted. If it's the program, check that you can up/download and that your settings are correct (password, etc) and also that you haven't blocked the app with a firewall. I take it all settings are green?

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I thought maybe the server was down again so I've just been waiting for it to be re-booted. But it's been nearly a month so I decided to check here.

I see from the lack of a furor over this, maybe I have a problem instead. I've got v1.45 (recently installed) and DHT and Listen Port are open (green).

Is there something I can do about this?



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It's working fine (in regards signing in anyway). It does seem a shade erratic in scoring, but that's more down to the database than anything else (I was running 11 hours with several GB uploaded and managed to collect a huge 20 points) - but it's not the end of the world - I can download (and upload with no problems which is what it's supposed to be about)

Regarding a log in to the server - is it possible you are using the wrong username and/or password?

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Aw... for Pete's sake...

Yeah, I didn't even notice the typo in my username... duh.

But thanks for the reply; who knows how long it would have been before I opened my eyes of my own accord. Guess achieving Marshal status doesn't make one any smarter.

And yes, I've probably uploaded 70-80Gb during the "downtime", but who cares? They don't hand out any Stella for being Number 1.

Thanks again.


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