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It's been almost 13 (thirteen) weeks since I'm trying to log in with my oldest BitComet ID, "mrDenHarrow". I've continued to try and try, again and again and again, in the months of May (partial), June, July and August - without any success; when I've tried to reset password - "USER_NOT_FOUND" appeared.
But (funny and annoying thing) I can log in with another ID - "Silver_Pozzoli".
Any advices (it's, maybe, the fourth time, this year alone, when this unpleasant situation occurs...)?
PS I've been with BitComet since 2007 (more or less); I have a ranking below 60.000, for which I've worked hard (seeding mostly 24/ 7). Kindly answer me and try solve this unpleasant issue. I've send emails to BitComet Support, without receiving any answer(s). Though, not answering me will just make me writing them again.
I simply can't understand how "USER_NOT_FOUND" is possible when, trying to register with the same email, the message is: "Email already taken"??!?!?
Hoping for (if not an answer) a viable solution, I thank you -again- for your understanding.
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it seems you managed to log into the forum without issue, did you get here from comet ID or did you use a different method?


Also our records show you have been a member here since August 2012 but didn't post for 5 years

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True. I've used my email. But this is the forum. It's impossible to log in as "mrDenHarrow" as a downloader/ seeder i.e. as a "user".

2012???? Are you mocking me???? Or I guess you are talking about my first post. Maybe. But, as a registered user, if it isn't 2007, it must be 2008 AT LEAST. And yes, this could be my second or third post here. I was quite satisfied with BitComet - until now, so I couldn't find reasons to post various things.

Still - not a word about my problem. Can you fix it, please?

I'm thanking you in advance.

Best regards,


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I'm back (again). It's been 18 days since I've started this topic and still no answer. And, still, I can't log in IN THE CometID !!!

Look, I've read somewhere above that the work here is done mainly by volunteers, but you have to take in consideration that I don't ask for something HUGE, or for money or for the Moon. I just ask to help me to be able to use something that IS MINE, created by me and own by me.

I was wondering: if there are so many problems with users logging in, why there isn't a "Trouble logging in?" button, like at Yahoo! (which is free, like BitComet)??!? Over the years I've waited, patintly, every time when problems occur but now - almost 4 months without the possibility of logging in IS OUTRAGEOUS.

This is my last post. Not solving my problem one week from now will show me how serious a software BitComet is. And that's a fact.

PS I will, certainly, not start AGAIN, with Silver_Pozzoli, from ranking 3.358.000.


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my guess is, your comet id name was slightly misspelled, but we don't have access to that system. I told you what info we had on your forum account and it seemed to offend you, so I left it to some other user to help you. 


Enjoy qbittorrent

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