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If you click on the download and go to properties and click the tab 'Download Order' you can set that so that it will complete one episode before downloading the next. If you have 'preview' mode selected, it will get the start and end of each episode before it switches to individual downloads. You can then open any episode that is complete and view it.

You can change thew order in that tab (if they are jumbled and not sequential) so that they will then download in sequence

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If you want to download an Selective file from a torrent then follow the instructions below. 

1. GO to torrent Main page 


2. Right click on the torrent and go to properties

3. Then go to "Download Order" TAB

4. Then Tick on Enable "Customized file download Order"

5. then Select the arrange files in the way you want to download them by using Move UP and Move Down Buttons..

6. After doing all arrangements press on oK button and you are ready to go..

I have attached the images below for you, Images number defines the steps i have mentioned above in the post..

Hope this will help you, If it dosn't then please reply back.. 







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