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[1.52] Can't continue seed or leech


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Hello BitComet users,


I recently updated BitComet 1.49 -> 1.52 (I regret it).

I haven't any problem with BitComet 1.49.

Now, with BitComet 1.52 I have a big bug with one tracker particurlarly : yggtorrent.to (tracker.ygg.is)

When I download a new torrent, all is good, I can leech, finish my download then seed my torrent. I can stop, and start again the task.


But, each time I close BitComet, when I start BitComet again, all my torrents from this tracker only, don't connect again from this tracker...

The event log of the torrent is : "No log found for this tracker"... there isn't any "Announce START : http://tracker.ygg.is"

Consequently, BitComet can't resume the download, or seeding the torrent...

If I delete the torrent, and download it again, the connexion of the tracker is OK, and BitComet connects from other peers...


I tried to uninstall BitComet 1.52 and go back to BitComet 1.49, but, oddly, BitComet has the same behavior... weirdly too, the line DHT IPv6 network is still present.


Any ideas to fix this issue ?




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If the problem is occurring with just one tracker, I'd hazard a very strong guess that the fault is with the tracker itself or the link to that tracker. If it was a problem with the client, then it should affect all trackers and not just one

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Thanks for your reply. And yes, of course, what you said make sense.

But, I don't think it was a problem with the tracker, because in the same day, everything worked perfectly with the old client version BitComet 1.49.

I updated the client, and then, my torrents don't work any more...

I don't guess the tracker modified something in 5 minutes...

Moreover, I asked this tracker community, towards their forum : none of them have this problem... but they use for most of them, other client (utorrent, deluge, etc.)


That's why I opened this topic here.

I should have detailed I only use this private tracker. Other trackers which currently work are public trackers...


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It's perfectly possible that BitComet is blocked. That is the case with some public trackers and stemd from an old FUD that floated round years ago that 'BC hammered trackers' (completely untrue, but the idea persists).

With private trackers, the owner can block whomseoever he wants and there's no comeback

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I watched clients which are blocked by the tracker. It's not the case.

Furthermore, I can download, seed and leech my torrents with BitComet... until I quit the soft. Once done, if I start again BitComet (after a reboot of my computer for instance), it's only at this moment that problem begin... BitComet doesn't connect anymore at the tracker. He does'nt even try (so, I don't have any error message from the tracker).

On the log tracker, when I freshly start a download, I have these lines (I can't upload screenshot in my reply) :

- Announce START : http://tracker.ygg.is:8080/

- Tracker returned info:interval = 30.00, min interval = 30.00

- Tracker returned 39 peers.

- Tracker returned info : complete = 32, incomplete = 7

- schedule next announce in 30:00

And so, everything perfectly works...


But, after exiting the client, restarting my computer, etc. the log tracker from the same torrent :

- No log found for this tracker.

And so, BitComet doesn't connect anymore at this tracker...

If I delete the torrent, and download it again, then, it works again (Announce START OK, etc)




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It's "solved".


I completely uninstalled BitComet 1.52 and roaming files...

I reinstalled BitComet 1.52, downloaded a new torrent... same problem 😞


So, I completely uninstalled again BitComet 1.52, and roaming files.

I reinstalled BitComet 1.49, with which I had no problem... I downloaded a new torrent... perfectly works !

I can quit, start again BitComet, all my torrents resume their seed/leech !


That's why I think there is a bug with 1.52 client.

I wouldn't be able to update the client with a newer version of BitComet until this is solved...

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Whatever is happening is definitely not a 'bug'. If that was the case, then everyone would have the same problem (which they don't). It's far more likely to be a problem in your computer - settings on the app, background app running, IP settings, firewall, a/v or whatever.

A bug in an app doesn't just hit one computer - it hits all of them equally and should, at least, be able to be replicated on another machine using the same parameters.

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i have the same problem in version 1.52. Probably this version has some issues with private trackers, better said with private torrents. cause i have noticed, that some torrents dowloaded from private tracker work normaly if they are not flagged as private. 

never had such problem in previous version of bitcomet

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Thank you for your feedback metallicaman.


That's what I thought too.

A few weeks ago, I installed the lastest BitComet version on a computer friend who wants to start using torrents, and subscribed him on the private tracker I use to be.

Today I verified on his computer BitComet behavior... he has got the same problem (since I can't call it "a bug" 😉 ).

Therefore I installed him an older BitComet client which works perfectly.

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Look at what is happening. ONE private tracker is causing a problem. Public and other trackers aren't.

This is NOT a bug in Bitcomet but a bug (accidental or otherwise) in the tracker. If it was a Bitcomet bug, it would affect ALL trackers - it doesn't.

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i have same bug since 1.52 version, well when i run any torrent from private trackers at first it's working fine, after i quit bitcomet and enter again there's no connection, this happens with any private torrent, i think DHT IPV6 network URL is the problem, when i installed 1.51 version and removed DHT IPV6 network URL private torrent download is working again, so at the moment i cannot use latest bitcomet version for private trackers, all the torrents without private tracker flag is working fine with 1.52-1.53 builds, i know that some private trackers block bitcomet client but this is not the case, every private torrent working fine using 1.51 build, torrent trackers that i used so far:

rutracker.org (with some older torrents with private flags)




port is green and at first it's working fine, but there's some problem after quiting bitcomet and resuming downloading

i never had any problem before using private trackers in older bitcomet builds, this bug started only after IPv6 DHT Tracker support added in 1.52 build

i have already uploaded screenshots in this topic 


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