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Upload Stops after download is complete?!

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The upload stops after download is complete - bitcomet V. 1.54

I believe I have made the best adjustments possible to allow the maximum upload, specially when there is no download going on, but none of the files upload after they finish downloaded and these are files that have lots of peers.

Thank you.


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Sometimes this will happen, regardless of your optimum settings. Perhaps there are no peers who have the same download speed as the upload speed that you "offer". Sometimes, it will happen through no fault of yours...you're doing the best that you can.

All that you can do is leave it running, hope that someone will join the swarm that you're part of and want to interchange bits with you. Oh, but don't worry about leaving it active for a long period of time (it won't hurt you, in any way)... it's how a torrent manages to "survive" time, itself. :)



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