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Security: paid VPN vs free VPN

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Most free VPNs will only let you have a very limited download where a paid one is normally uinrestricted.

If it's just for browsing 'blocked' torrent sites, then a free one is fine - however, if your ISP is tracking yuor downloads and reporting back to one of the copyright chasing firms, then you need a pay up front one,

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Rhubarb, thanks for your answer.

That's correct, it's for "blocked" torrent sites. Hmm... is there a way I can find out if my ISP tracks & reports about blocked sites using.
If I'll use paid VPN service could my ISP know I'm using that kind of soft?

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If it's just to access a blocked website, you could try the  'anonymox' plugin for firefox. Asi I said, this is for a website only as it severely limits the amount of data you can download. Opera also has a built in VPN but, again, website only.

When it comes to the actual downloading of files via a torrent, your IP can be traced and reported to your ISP. If you use a VPN, all that your ISP will know is that you have been online and there has been data transfer but not what has been transferred. It's the  'watchers' who look to see who is downloading movies, etc and they report the IP number to the relevant ISP saying what and when that IP number had been sharing files. If they see an IP number that is geographically situated elsewhere, then that's where the report goes/

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Thanks a lot Rhubarb for the explanation. Appreciate it.

I've also found an article about VPNs for anonymous torrent download here (in the end). They are all paid there and I think I'll try one.

They are also saying there "traffic goes directly through your VPN and not through your ISP".

Hopefully that will help.

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Without a doubt, paid VPN are the best to opt for especially if you are into torrenting. Free VPNs have only 3 servers at max and they do not come with all the bells and whistles which a paid VPN comes with. Now which <hyperlink removed> to go for? I have a pleasant experience with Surfshark, not only its cheap but have all the features when compared to expensive ones. Plus downloading speeds never let me down. 

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A free VPN claims to provide you VPN features without any charges.

But, for me, free VPNs are a big no.

Most often than not, free VPNs are associated with selling your data to third parties in exchange for monetary returns. Other than that, free VPNs come with data caps and won’t let you consume too much bandwidth.

Due to these reasons, I do not recommend users to use free VPNs and rather opt for a paid but affordable <link removed>, so you can actually secure your torrenting activities!

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