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Has it gone for good now ?


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I used to use Demonoid for a lot of my downloads, then one day it went down, both the website and the forums

At first I thought it was a denial of service, but as time went on, it never came back up

Despite various google searches I couldn't find out anything

Does anyone know what happened to 'The Demon' /

Has it now completely disappeared ?

What happened to the owner ?

Anyone else ever use 'The Demon' ?

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Hi! Yup, I've been using the "little devil" for ages...before its many 'close downs', afterwards (every time they've moved) and, up until quite recently... Of late, I have noticed that the servers and its web are both 'unreachable', so, who knows? Nobody else seems to know either, so I guess we're all in the same boat.

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The last I heard was the website was up for sale (might have been sold by now)

It was one of  the very few torrent websites that had no p*** on it and very few fakes, their moderators were always on top of things like that, they had a very active forum as well

When I was travelling I even met up with a couple of people in Australia and the US (you meet lots of people along Route 66)

Never had the same  connection in any other forum since 'the demon' has gone

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