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McAfee detects virus in Bit Comet software itself

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I am a LONG-TIME user of Bit Comet and don't recall having ever run into this issue before.  At some point in the past 24 hours McAfee detected SOMETHING in the software and disabled my ability to run the software.

I uninstalled it.  I just went to download it within the past few minutes and WHILE DOWNLOADING McAfee detect a "virus" and aborts and deletes download.

Is this a known issue?

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It;s a 'false positive'.  (McAfee is known for this in other apps). Turn off the a/v off for the download and install and then turn it back on. The app is clean, provided you download it directly from source

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I appreciate the response, however, that does NOT seem to do it.  I tried turning off McAfee AND Windows Defender … and the same thing happens with every download attempt.  A virus has been detected and the file deleted.

Somehow, I finally got 1.57 (before 1.58 was available) to download a week or two ago … but after a few days McAfee (or SOMETHING) deleted the software from my computer.

Any ideas?

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It's your a/v reading a false positive. It 'something' detected what it thought was a virus, hen you have a/v running. I use Adawareand don't have a problem. However, as I said, McAfee is notorious for false positives on other apps.

If it's deleting running files or downloaded torrents, then set that folder up as 'excluided' on scan and manually scan the downloaded files afterwards

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