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1.65.0 Problem with CPU overload and check boxes on macOS Catalina


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Hello, I'd like to report two problems I found on BitComet 1.65.0 on macOS 10.15.4 Catalina :

1) The BitComet app stresses the CPU to almost 600-700% (according to the Activity Monitor ) after a few minutes of running, causing the CPU temp to reach 100c quickly and constantly and the CPU fan to run at maximum speed for as long as the BitComet app is running. Once the app is closed, the CPU throttles back to normal and the temp is as usual (50-60c). This is DANGEROUS, guys.

2) The check boxes next to the torrent's detailed files window are not checked and cannot be checked! The window  I'm talking about is the one appearing before starting the download and lists the torrent contents.

I hope to have a quick solution for the app ASAP.    

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You should try it, then file a report if it still isn't working right (it's usually faster fixing a beta version than a release for the simple reason that a release version is very raely patched, while a beta is a 'work in progress'  and any reported errors can be dealt with there and then)

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