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BitComet v1.66 beta released

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Welcome to download the beta version and try out the new features. Please provide feedback, thanks.

v1.66 Beta8   [20200411]
    GUI Improve: support add batch-download by drag and drop multiple URL links to floating window or main window
    GUI Improve: support add batch-download by clipboard monitor
    GUI Improve: new advanced option: bittorrent.hash_check_for_ltseed
    GUI Improve: add memory usage details about process heap size and disk write buffer size
    GUI Bugfix: UI lag when select all by Ctrl+A in torrent list
    Core Improve: reduce memory usage when downloading metadata for DHT torrent list
    Core Bugfix: the global option "allocation disk space before download" works even when disabled
    Core Bugfix: empty files should not be created when performs hash-check

https://download.bitcomet.com/beta/BitCometBeta_20200411_setup.exe 1

v1.66 Beta7   [20200408]
    GUI Improve: add Feed Name in RSS torrent list
    GUI Improve: display number of piece in torrent maker dialog
    GUI Improve: display metadata downloading info in Statistics pane
    GUI Improve: do not display listen port of peer if unknown for BT peers
    GUI Improve: "Preview Download Mode" renamed to "Sequential Download Mode" in context menu of BT task
    Core Bugfix: "Sequential Download Mode" does not work if "Optimize download strategy for preview" disabled in Option dialog
    Core Bugfix: improve memory allocation, decrease memory fragmentation for UDP buffer

v1.66 Beta6   [20200404]
    GUI Improve: new advanced option: system.compact_memory_interval
    GUI Improve: display configuration file folder in Global Log pane
    GUI Improve: display Long-Term Seeding status in Statistics Pane
    GUI Improve: "Hide torrent without metadata" setting renamed to "Only show torrents with metadata" in DHT torrents list
    GUI Bugfix: "Only show torrents with metadata" setting not applied to new received DHT torrents
    GUI Bugfix: incorrect configuration file folder used in certain case
    Core Improve: improve Preview download mode for BT task

v1.66 Beta5   [20200402]
    GUI Improve: new advanced option: bittorrent.max_connections_per_ltseed
    GUI Bugfix: task summary panel text alignment
    GUI Bugfix: level progress display error when progress is 0% in the lower left corner
    Core Bugfix: connection error retry issue when download from long-term seed
    Core Bugfix: DHT Tracker unstable causes program crash

v1.66 Beta4   [20200331]
    GUI Improve: add Compact Database command in settings menu of torrent list
    GUI Bugfix: the number of torrents in the left channel list is not refreshed in time
    Core Improve: DHT Tracker use worker thread to reduce the UI lag

v1.66 Beta3   [20200330]
    GUI Improve: improve icons in toolbar and download list for HiDPI display
    GUI Improve: add settings button in toolbar of torrent list
    GUI Improve: new option for DHT torrents: Hide torrents without metadata
    GUI Improve: new advanced option: bittorrent.dht_torrent_refresh_interval, 5 sec as default to decrease disk activity time
    GUI Improve: add copy command to context menu of settings list in advanced option page
    GUI Bugfix: sort bug for first column of Torrent History list
    Core Improve: improve memory allocation, decrease memory usage for UDP buffer and log buffer
    Core Improve: optimize UDP packet sending efficiency,default value of network.max_udp_pkt_per_sec changed to 1000 from 500
    Core Improve: avoid program crash caused by IE component damage
    Core Bugfix: fix speed limit deviation

v1.66 Beta2   [20200322]
    GUI Improve: new option in Proxy setting page: DNS query using proxy server
    GUI Improve: improve HiDPI support for Batch download dialog
    GUI Improve: show pending DNS number in Statistics pane
    Core Improve: support IPv6 connection through SOCKS5 proxy server
    Core Improve: support UTF8 BOM when improve URL list from text file in Batch download dialog
    Core Improve: support extract URL links containing Chinese characters from html page segment dropped to BitComet from web page

v1.66 Beta1   [20200319]
    GUI Improve: new settings in advanced option page to select IP address to bind to when initiate a connection
    Core Improve: support initiate a connection using preferred network adapter if multiple network adapters exist in system

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On 5/6/2020 at 5:32 PM, rafacamcab said:


Estadsitica está mal

Statistics are wrong.

Buenas. ¿Podrías ser uno poco más explícito, para que los desarrolladores entiendan mejor tus observaciones (ellos no hablan español)? Pese a no hablar castellano, sí entienden inglés y, ya que se ve que tú también, puedes explicarte en dicho idioma, si así  lo deseas.

Good day. Could you be a bit more explicit, so that the developers can better understand your observations better (they don't speak Spanish)?  Despite not speaking Spanish, they do understand English and, as can be seen that you do as well, you can explain yourself in said language if you so desire.

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