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BitComet update(s) procedure

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Hi, I've been using BitComet for more than 10 yrs+, and I never really updated him manually (always after formatting the Windows, I picked the newest version). The thing is, once a year the BitComet would suddenly crash/close and re-open saying it was Updated, and I'd lose all my history there (including very old unfinished torrents w/ low seeding that I've been downloading for weeks/months).

Here the question now, how can I safely update it without losing anything? My current version is 1.58,  and I already downloaded the newest version (1.67, both on .Exe and .Zip).

(Just for precaution, I backup the entire BitComet folder from the AppData now...)

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The only explanation I can think of for the loss of data is a corrupted cache file in appdata, caused by the crash. If you are consistently having a problem, perhaps you could consider backing up the relevant cache files to a thumb drive before any update. Yiou could also try running the update with thew anti-virus turned off (and turn it back on after). It's possible that the a/v may be taking objection to something in the files (it's been known to happen)

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