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Downloaded data lost after computer restart


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I copied some magnet link to BitComet to download. BitComet seems to be able to find some Long term seed for the magnet I copied and downloaded some data.

But after I restart the computer. The download data (about 1.x%) drop back to 0.1%

I cannot keep my computer on all the time until I download the whole torrent. As I turn off the computer at night.

BitComet version 1.71 (64 bit)

I attached the screenshot of BitComet before and after of restarting the PC. And a sample magnet file in .txt format.



中國通史 EP37.txt

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The red X on the first two files shows there is a problem with the files. Either there isn't enough space on the hard drive or they have become corrupted. If the latter, stop the transfer and do a manual hash check.

If that fails, delete and re-download

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