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Stopped working

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I keep getting a message that BitComet has stopped working, it just crashes every time I try ad load it

It says a report has been sent, I have no idea what the report says or means, but it has been sent

I think I have the latest version

Any ideas whats going on with BitComet ?

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Try removing the app completely (you will lose any torrent files unfortunately, but if you copy them to a new folder, you can re-run them.

To do a really clean install, use the free version  of Revo Uninstaller in moderate mode to totally remove any remnants that may be causing the problem, then re-install with you  anti-virus OFF (this can cause problems during an installation nd it's standard procedure on any new install - turn it back on when the program is fully installed)

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Right I uninstalled the program (which I had done two weeks ago, when the problem started)
I ended up stopping seeding all the stuff I downloaded (I daresay, that pissed off a lot of people)

I really dont want to do that again

I just thought it would be a case of updating the program

I'd like to know what is causing it to crash and what is in the report its sending out, 

Who does it go to ?

This has only started since the latest version was  installed, there maybe a bug in it that is causing it to stop working and crashing

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If there was a bug, the forum would  be swamped (which isn't happening). 

Did you do a clean install (remove all traces of the program)?

Did you turn off A/V diring the install (there's a reason why a lot of apps tell you specifically to 'stop ALL running applications')?

Did you start the .torrent files after you re-installed (they won't start automatically - they need to be re-run and hash checked)?


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No I havent done an uninstall, I just rebooted my PC

When it is working, I am seeding over 200 audio books, this is the reason I dont want to uninstall the program

I am seeding at approximately 40 mbps, so there are lots of people wanting these boks

I have run all my antivirus programs (well just the one really)

No problems found, so I dont knw wht is causing it to stop working

Where does the report go ? Who reads it ?

Is there any point in sending a report if no one reads it ?

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PLEASE read what I actually said

You do NOT lose the actual computer files. just the small .torrent ones (You can save the .torrent files (they're small) from appdata and copy them back after the installation and run a manual hash check)

I didn't say NOT to scan (or to scan). I said STOP the A/V before installing and restart it immediately after

What you have is a faulty installation and the ONLY cure is complete uninstallation and re-installation. Rebooting won't fix a faulty app


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