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Max file path 260 char ? If more, error download. other client normal download


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The length of the file path IS a Windows restriction. qbittorrent uses QT which is a port from Linux and, possibly, doesn't have the same restrictions. BitComet is a pure Windows app (trust me on that - I've never been able to get it to work using WINE or any other app in Linux) and it relies on the MS API to a greater extent than qbittorrent

Check this article

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If this was a bug, we would be inundated with dozens of 'me too' posts.

There would appear to be a problem on your computer - either a faulty installation of BitComet or a problem with Windows itself. I have been completely unable to reproduce the problem here

However, as I pointed out, the length of the file path is a MICROSOFT limitation. You may have set up your download folder for Bitcomet in such a manner as to exceed thet. Try setting a direct path instead of a subfolder

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