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Corrupted Completed Tasks


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I have many completed tasks that have their all files information and trackers gone blank. The date of the start and finished are gone to blank as well. The hash information becomes 0000000000000000000000000000000000000000. The downloaded files are still there. I have tried to rehash the task but it doesn't help.

If I download the same torrent file and start it at BitComet, the program would still points to the task but the track and files would not be updated and remain to be blank. Hash remains to be all 0s.

This started before 1.77 I think. I only have time to address now.

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Something is corrupting the files but it's not BC itself (if it was, we would have been flooded with posts about that for a long time now)

It's being caused bu something external to the app itserlf . I would suggest as a trial, epending on what you are downloading, set your A/V scan to ignore the BitComet folder. It's possible that's the culprit

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