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Can't login to CometID


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No - the only difference is you don't gain any activity points.

Everything else will work as it should.

If you are being throttled, check your settings  - use a fixed IP number for the computer and make sure that the router has the ports for that IP address open. (note - the IP is for the internal network - computer <>router and NOT for the router <>internet)

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I also haven't been able to log in for 2 days. I installed v 1.80, which seems to me improved over v 1.79. Even if I can't log in it seems that the functionality is not compromised.
Too bad for the score, but I don't drink beer anyway.
The only mistake is the recognition of my role as my Id (I'm Svereign, score 581.812, Rank 6, as of September 28th). I look forward to the restoration of the connection and thank you always for all your work.

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