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Check in C:\users\<username\ appdata\roaming\bitcomet. That's where they are stored (it's a hidden folder so you will have to set 'view' to show hidden files and folders)

If that has been wiped they're probably lost forever as it's almost certain they would have been overwritten

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Yes they are in that folder, but not on my Bitcomet, I was seeding them, but now the client shows nothing

Howw can I get them back to seed them ?

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You could try re-installing BC. The safe way would be to copy the folder from roaming to anywhere else and then do a clean install (totally remove BC and install it again after copying the folder back to roaming)

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5 hours ago, devansh111 said:

Same here. I have also been experiencing this problem for quite some time. My friend told me to try using a VPN but I am scared to do so since I don't know if it's safe?

Good Morning

You can use a VPN, it covers your IP address, 

It puts you in another country or location, If you get one make sure you can turn it on and off or you may not be able to get onto a website that needs your location

I use the Tor Browser when I want to download any thing, New films, old films, audio books, anything I cant find on the regular internet

I use the Pirate bay for a lot of them, simply because my internet provider has blocked  torrent websites

On the Pirate bay you can find a good few old films, TV series (and of course p*** films, if that is what you want)

When I have used a VPN, they have been okay, but they seem to slow down downloads or if you are streaming films or music

Give it a try, you can always uninstall it


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