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Last 3 dowloads same problem....

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Welp I'm about ready to put my foot threw the monitor here....

After atempting all flipping day to download movies.....

I waited and waited for "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" to finish dloading and it blocked out at 90%

So I thought hey for a free service nothing can be perfect right......So I started downloading "Clerks 2" this SOB stuck at 66%.....ARRRRRRRRRghghhh

So then I find another copy of "My Super Ex-Girlfriend" Which seemed pretty promissing at the opening download screen...then what do you know its now 2:30 in the AM and i'm sitting here clinching my fists looking at 0Kb/S at 91%!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Am I doing something wrong?

Is there something I should be looking out for b4 downloading garbage?

Is there a way to still watch the movie even though I dont have it all?


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Hi Rustbuckey.

Boy, you're unluckey!..

What you should look at before downloading a torrent, is how many SEEDERS there are on a torrent. If there is atleast one seeder, does it mean that you are able to download your file 100%. If there are no seeders, you can't download your file 100%. If it's a relative new torrent you have downloaded, just wait, cause the uploader(seeder) that has submitted the torrent, might come back and continue his seed. This happens alot on open trackers (like ThePirateBay). On closed trackers things like this happens very rarely, because here people are forced to seed.

P2P = Sharing is carring. No Sharing = No Carring = Dead....


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you cant expect to download everything from the first time. There are many torrents that you need to wait days or two even more. Many torrents are old/new; with only one seeder/the creator of the torrent because when a peer downloaded the whole torrent he deleted it and do not seed and the one seeder of the torrent is turning off his pc while he sleep for example you need to wait.

I am downloading a movie 4GB with only one seeder from 2 weeks. Now I am at 25.9% but right now I am downloading with 50KB/s. The seed will stop soon or later but I am sure that at the end I will get this torrent. And there is nothing you can do about it to change this.


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And, of course, when dimchopicha2003 is finish with his torrent, he will seed it.. :)

That's what so great with P2P. (If people would only follow that simple small rule that is in the P2P community: Seed to atleast 1:1)

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I once spent 2.5 months downloading one .torrent. There was only one seed and it was a .torrent for 4 dvd .iso files. The poor guy had a basic cable connection and was in South America. When someone else completed the .torrent 20 of us became seeds 10 minutes later due to better lines. You just have to learn to wait.

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