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Okei so here is the problem.

I am on a LAN internet provider, the tracker is hosted on a LAN Server too ( so I am connecting only to LAN peers).

This problem is not so common but a few users have complained to me about it.

The problem is that when I, or somebody else, is seeding and another LAN user tryes to download a torrent, the download speed is not constant. The speed goes from 500kb/s to 0 and after a minute or two the speed is again 500kb/s for a few seconds and drops down again to zero. The problem repeats itself until the torrent is finished.

We've tryed on other trackers(not our LAN tracker) and the problem is the same, no change.

It would be great if someone could help me out with this one.

Thank you guys in advance!

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This sounds like it's overwhelming your lan, and possibly being shut down temporarily by the router. Bittorrent isn't the best choice for this application. You could all just download a file from a single server with no problem. Instead, you're all trying to up/download from each other all at once, so no wonder it blitzes the poor network. Just put the files in one agreed-upon place, then use network drive copies or FTP to get your own copy.

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Thank you for your answer kluelos!

That is how we've used to do, but now in my country that is treated from the authorities as a crime (illegal s***) so thats why we've chosen to go with bittorrent.

Isn't there another way we can work this problem out?

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I think you might want to try limiting your download bandwidth.

In most cases, this is not necessary since most bit torrent users have more download bandwidth then upload, so we only need to limit our upload max to keep some bandwidth availble for the tracker.

In your case, you might be maxing out what your lan can handle, and resetting. I suggest as a test you limit all users to say 300kB/s download and see if it fixes the problem, then you can adjust higher until you find a setting your lan can handle.


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