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extracting game files


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I too have downloaded star wars empire at war

I have all the downloaded files in one file

when I go to extract them to another file it does it fine for the first one

then when I try to extract the next one it says 'do i want to replace the next first with the next'

I say no, because I think I must need all the files for the game

so then it says 'no files to extract'

the unrared file comes to 2.01gb

is this enough for the game?

the downloaded package comes with 14 rared files

but it seems they are all the same

when the files are extracted they come out as 2 files

both are the symbol of notepad (don't know why)

they are named:


MDF file MDS file

2,111,936KB 21KB

any help would be good


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You have the image of the disc of the game, it is a MDF file.

To open this file you can use http://www.magiciso.com, to extract,yes again , or to burn a cd of the game. For more help just ask :P or you can look the tutorials in the above website.

EDITED : I think that an easier solution would be to use daemon tools like Dark_Shroud suggests in the next post instead of using magiciso.

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no unfortunately no info file

thats whats makin it hard

I'll have to try some of those sites you gave me

thanks for the help mate

I know I can get a NO-CD at gamecopy world

hopefully i can get cd key somewhere

I'll let you know how I go


EDIT: thanks mate

seriel key site worked a charm

its installing now, see what happens next

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yeah all going good,

I've installed it fine

cause the cd key worked

now when I run the game it tells me to turn off the emulation

because of the mounted image

so now I've downloaded a NO-CD file

In the instructions it tells me to replace some files with the downloaded ones

I'm not sure how to open the game file?

for some reason it keeps tryin to open it with notepad

but it stops cause the file is too big

what program should I open up the game file

which is the MDF file which is 2.01gb

then I guess I just replace the files and hopefully the game will work?

if someone could let me know how to access the files that would be great

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You do not want to replace the files on the disc image "mdf" file.

Normally the crack needs to replace the executable file you installed on your hard drive.

When you installed the game, there was an option asking you where you wanted the program files to install. Go to that directory and replace the file with the cracked file.

Note: I prefer to rename the orignal to something like "filename.old", rather then replace it (which would delete the orignal)

If you can't remember where you installed the game, then its likely in c:\programfiles\name of game\

Just browse till you find it.


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