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Hey guys.

I've just updated my BC to the latest version and as always I run PeerGuardian in the background.

As soon as I start up BC I get bombarded with connection attempts from some IP that PeerGuardian identifies as CISIC or something like that. Apparently it stands for Chinas Internet Society Information Center or whatever.

Just now...the CISIC thing stopped and was replaced by something from Taiwan.

The thing is...I dont have a single torrent in the download list and its still attacking me.

I'm just running the BC-software.

Is this something thats supposed to happen with the new version of BC?

The last IP I saw was

So please tell me...WHAT IS THIS?!

I'm starting to think that BC is dangerous to use...

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Actually, PeerGuardian as I've found out, tends not only to drag your download connections with other peers, but does identify alot of weird organisations.

I believe you should raise this issue with Peerguardian not BitComet.

As you may know, bittorrent is a purely illegal network, and no matter which torrent client you use, you can at any time, any second, be tracked by international pirating police or even police in your country. :police:

Just keep in mind, if you're in say America, and you're seeing Chinese Organisations popping up on PeerGuardian, don't worry, the Chinese Govt is only authorised to carry out actions against it's citizens not some citizen in USA or Australia or something.

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try to uncheck "check for updates on startup"


Okey...it didn't work..

I'm running the old version of BC again and the problem is gone...I wont go near the new version until i find out whats going on.

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The reason that these connections are trying to be made is because of the DHT Network which began in Bitcomet version 0.60.

As soon as you start Bitcomet the DHT Network begins to connect to nodes(similar to Limewire) and these Chinese organizations are also connected on the DHT Network that is why they are trying to connect to you.

If you want you can go ahead and disable the DHT Network in Bitcomet's preferences under Advanced Connection then you wont see those anymore in PeerGuardian and the new version will act just like the old versions of Bitcomet. And if you come across a torrent you really want but the tracker doesnt work or there are no peers on the tracker then you can reenable the DHT Network(you also need to enable DHT and Peer Exchange in the torrent's properties) and hopefully it will find a few peers/seeds and then you can go ahead and disable the DHT Network and bitcomet will still keep the peers that were found on the DHT Network.

PS: It is a good thing that your seeing those blocks in Peerguardian, that means it's doing its job and you dont have to worry.

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Well it is good to want to identify the source of the problems, but:

1. I am using BC from 1 year and installed PG2 today. Never had any problems with it or something connected with it even without PG installed. - BC 0.7 is not dangerous.

2. What to worry when the sites/ips are blocked. What to worry when they are from China - Taiwan.

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