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some thoughts and some suggestions


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This is the best bittorrent program that ever existed cas of the intergrated internet connetion in it, I personaly like this option, that's why bittcommet is the best.

Some suggestions:

-the icons(transfer,web,etc.) are kinda coool, but to be better I think an animation should be intergrated whitin

-like I've seen torrents whith 2000 lechers(bittomet) and neither one of theme didn't have a username when I wanted to chat?I think the chattiong option should be asked durring the instalation process.

-why is bittcomet so hated on private tracker?(I must know) They always say that is sends false information to the server?

-could you put some schedulels, like after the task I finished and seeded reaches 1.20 ratio it should stop and continue whith other tasks?

-a ratio limiter should be added, cas some private trakers warn users to not share over 1.0 ratio, i shared over 1.0 I was nearly going to get banned.

-Could you make a public traker? I'm shure you'll have massive succes cas of the users.

-could you add more public trakers to the torrents sites meniu in the favorites,colum?(I'm sure they exist)

I think the list is opened for more suggestions...

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I will comment on the issues bit comet has with private trackers.

Bit Comet version 0.59 and 0.60 had a problem as under some conditions it would not respect the private trackers disabling dht network, which would allow peers to leach without being a member of that comunity.

I can assure you that this has been corrected in version 0.61, and Bit Comet now fully respects private trackers.

I will also add that either you made an error in your post, or you misunderstood the requirements of many private trackers.

Many private trackers require you to have a minium of 1:1 ratio, and higher ratios are encourged, not discourged. This helps them to remove the leechers from their group.

A "leecher" is a peer that stops the torrents when their download is finished. Some because they don't understand the reason for seeding (read as noob), other because they don't care to help the bit torrent system that provided them with the files they wanted. The former needs to be educated, the latter to be banned.


Edit: I was wrong about the overseeding part, as this member has convinced me that at least one site does ban members that seed too much.

Go figure... lol

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Hello I was looking for explanations about the ratio and I found this topic so I will express myself here (sorry if not good location and if my english is bad).

Im a beginner with the bitcomet and I don't really have understood if it was really important to have a good ratio (up to 1): Are there some consequences about our speed dowload because we have for instance ratio about 0.5.

I mean with such ratios, are some devices, algorithms or options on the comet which make us avoided by others.

With Emule it's quit easy to have A good balance between up and down because there's always a while before it begins to download so during this time we can up good enough.

But with the comet, despite I'm always uploading around 60 ko/s, with 6 files in current download, it's quit difficult to counter balance the high speeds of download sometimes up to 400 ko/s and as the Hard Drive is quickly saturated, I have to remove them once seen.

So in fact once fully downloaded, I let them just few hours and the ratio ranges from 0.2 to 1.2 depending on the file....but mainly 0.5. Besides once finished, the upload isn't really fast.

Thanks for your explanations, i don't have really found them before.

+ :)

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is that why boxtorrents wants to ban bitcomet

In regards to this comment...

This issure with ratio has nothing to do with trackers banning bit comet. As I have said, the issures related to bit comet and private trackers have been resolved for some time now. The issue with ratio is relevant to ALL bit torrent clents.

Now, in regards to the questions asked by Origine.

Concerning your ratio, its a cold hard fact that bit torrent can ONLY work if users seed a ratio of 1:1

If you are not seeding as much as you take, then someone else has to make up the difference, or the whole structure will collapse.

I often seed several times as much as I download for the torrents that are released from my site. I know most users that don't seed properly do so because they don't understand how this works, so I am grateful that you are asking, as this subject is important to understand.

Bit torrent is a good source to get any kind of files you could possibly want for free.

This is only half true, because it is expected that you repay your download with upload, otherwise you are cheating the next person in line.

I do understand that most of us have limited upload bandwidth availble to us, so it makes it harder to upload as much as you download. here is the solution...

Each night when I go to bed, I start One or maybe two torrents seeding, and I do the same when I am away (ie work, shopping, visiting friends). My computer is always uploading when I'm not there, so I can maintain good ratios.

Now, why do I only run one torrent?

Here is why. Because we all have limited upload speeds, if I was to divide it among several torrents, I will have quite a few unhappy people that are hardly getting any data from me. You might think its better to seed several, but the best thing you can do is to seed one at a time, and have a few happy peers, then to have dozens of unhappy peers.

I hope I have helped you to understand the need to seed your torrents at least as much as you download. I use this formula. I seed all torrents to 1.0 (only exception would be a bad torrent, or fake which I would stop as soon as I determined this). If I really like what I downloaded, I will seed to 2.0 (someone has to go over to make up for those who don't seed). Torrents from my release group I often seed much higher.


ps. your english is very good :)

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Thanks for your explanations UnUsual Suspect, it was really clear and it has confirmed what I had understood : Against all my will, I'm an evil bad leechers :(

But I will try to make an effort as much as I can... As I'm not a huge downloader, once my last downloads completed (that's to say soon), I will let them on the Hard Drive and upload them a very long time because I won't have to delete them anymore in order to save space for next potential downloads.

And I will follow your advices about the way you're controling your Torrents.Anyway it's true than then I was uploading more these last days, I was also downloading more.... I'll see; I'll try the 1 by 1 but in fact I was afraid that torrents I was planning to download would disappear ( at least "bad health") before I could have them so that's why I was downloading about 8 torrents by once.

Even if some torrents have a very good number of seeders end leechers, I'm always fearing the fact that too many seeders will go away or that new and fresh seeders run away as it was my case.

I know most users that don't seed properly do so because they don't understand how this works, so I am grateful that you are asking, as this subject is important to understand.[\quote]

In fact I realize that I was right to worry about and that I have actually already understood the importance of upload & ratio...

So, by the way, I'm sorry to be a bad leecher for the moment, but I will evolve to a good seeder ( almost when I receive my additional hardrive ;) ).


If I really like what I downloaded, I will seed to 2.0[\quote] I was doing the same with Emule :)
Bit torrent is a good source to get any kind of files you could possibly want for free. [\quote]

:rolleyes: Believe me, this statement is true for people who very well understand english which is not my case yet :P . I'm french and in fact I'm using only BitComet to download Torrents in your language for my mum (english teatcher) otherwise the choice of french torrents is quite poor :rolleyes:

Anyway, thank you very much for your answer :)

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