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Multiple questions. Please help me!


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Sorry, but I need some help and can't figure it out with the tutorials supplied here.

For one, whenever I do a port test from one of the websites, it always states my port was closed. But I opened it in my D-Link 624+ router and I have downloaded with full line speed numerous times before.

Azureus always claimed my DHT didn't work, but I don't know how to check that and my BitComet alwas tells me thta I am connected to a DHT Node.

The other problem is, that there is always talk of setting the maximum total connections to below 200 if using my router. However there is no such option in Bitcomet. So how do I do that? And won't it significantly slow me down it I only have a total of 200 connections? At the moment I usually have around 500 connections permanently and I am allowing 600 per torrent.

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big, yes you should set a static ip address when you setup your port forwarding.

If you do not, you may need to change your routers setting each time you reboot, if you want the port to be properly forwarded.

portforward.com has step by step guides with graphics for static ip and port settings for most routers.


ps. Pepsi, I'm sorry I didn't reply to you sooner, my obligations to another site sometimes keep me busy. Are you still having problems with your connection?

Please send me a pm if I do not reply within 24hours to any post.

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Pepsi, you have to work around the lack, by setting the maximum connections per task, then keep the total tasks you're running down so the product is under 200. Exemplar, set connections/task to 45 and keep your tasks to 4 or less.

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