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very unstable download speed

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not too long ago i had opend my Routers ports to Bitcomet

and finaly started downloading at around 180 kb/s

but they i had noticed that at anytime, without anything visible change

the download speeds will drop to 1-5 kp/s in all my torrents

no matter how populer

i was thinking,

what can this be caused by?

any of you expirianced that before?

information that might help:

i have a home network, so i have one router (aztec dsl 600e)

and one router (Broadband router, the tag says) that is also connected

to my mom's and sisters computer.

it also accurd to me that i might have actually 2 routers, i dont know why

and one last thing, when i opend the ports via "Port Forward"

the router i had when i enterd its I.P was actaully an Edimax router.

how is this possible? when one says "Aztec" and is actaully the router

and the other says "Broad band router"

thanks alot for anyone who reads and helps =)

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although I find your post confusing as to exactly what you have and how this is setup, I will offer the following.

First, have you setup a static ip address in windows?

This is often the problem when you setup port forwarding, and it all of a sudden is no longer working properly.

When rebooting, your computer can select a different ip address (within your range) and the settings in your router will no longer forward the port properly.

Portforward.com has a guide for setting a static ip address.

If you have already done this, then please go back and compare the ip address you get from "comand prompt" "ipconfig /all" to that listed in your router just to be sure its set properly.

If this doesn't help, then please explain exactly how your lan is laid out.

You have a dsl modem (is this also a router?), and how does the second router fit in to this picture?

Also, as a test measure, you might want to connect your computer directly to the modem and see if that improves your speed.


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first of all thanks for taking the time to read my question and hlep me out.

2nd, i read some of your post, your knowledge is impressing.. and your funny lol

"i would suggest you delet the torrent because it has crappy amature immatation" :P


up till the Static IP thing everything is done right, and even when i run a NAT test

it turns out ok...

ok so its like this.

the Aztech ADSL2+ Ethernet Bridge Router DSL-600e is one machine

having three lights (power, DSL, etha/act)

that one, has 3 wires cominhg out of it, one, which connects to the telephone line

and the other that is connected to the Broadband router (the last is for electricity)

the Broadband router is connected to 4 things The aztech router, the computer (via USB)

and two wires that connect to the 2 other computers (one each)

the "Broadband router" has a power light, and then a WAN part with 2 lights, one "10/100m"

and the other LKN/ACT, the other lights are the LAN lights that show good connection to the other

2 computers

i hope this was clear enough even tho it has alot of information.

thanks alot =)

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ok so i did some exploring in my router (edimax)

and i found the PPPoE page

MTU is set on 1392 and next to that field it says "(512<=MTU Value<=1492)"

Also i just noticed that when the "Edimax" page is open, the widow is called

"Broadband router"

so is it possible that the Aztech ADSL2+ Etharnet Bridge router DSL-600e

needs to be opened too?

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as for the "Aztech ADSL2+ Ethernet Bridge Router DSL-600e"

It seems to me that this is your modem, but also a router. However since you only have one data cable attached, its not serving the function of a router.

This is the part that confuses me.

I can only assume that you are using a secondary router because this one doesn't have the functions you need (possibly wireless, or more connections)

Since you are not using this as a router, you may want to consult the users manual or their tech support and inquire if the router function can be disabled, so there would be no need to forward you port (making it function as a modem only).

As for setting up your dsl connection, I will defer to dark shroud, who has more knowledge using dsl.


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Thanks alot to you two,

ill do all i can and talk to the support

thanks for doing what you can, you helped me rull some options out.

only problem is, usually companys refures to help with the port forwerding for

programs that are used to download illigle crap even if some of us dont use it

for that...

so hopfully its what you said, about the router

thanks alot =)

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