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Hi after downloading 2 movies I recieved a notice from comcast that I had violated the copywrited law...

So I have not down loaded anymore movies but then I here people saying I have download 15 20 to a 100 movies and no ones mention this problem so I must of done something wrong.....

Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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First try telling us what exactly comcast told you. As BitTorrent is not illegal.

And as for advice. Becareful when downloading Boot legs of films that have recently come out in theaters. May fakes are poping up or leget swarms being posioned but either way they are still able to collect IP address. Also make sure you have a good Firewall set up.

FYI Norton and ZoneAlarm are not good firewalls.

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I would recommend Peer guardian 2, its very easy to use and will block connections from these anti p2p groups.

another option would be Block List Manager which works with Protowall, somewhat harder to setup and use.

As for downloading movies, stick to a good release group, and be careful not to get fakes.


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