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I am using Bitcomet 0.60 which recently crashed. When I reboot & reopen Bitcomet, the transfer list of all the torrents task I had have disappeared!

I had over 80 torrents, some incomplete, some seeding.

I dont fancy manually wading through the whole list of torrents to find the ones I want back on the task list.

Would reinstalling Bitcomet work?

Is the file that controls my transfer list just corrupted and where can I find this file to fix?

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I am not personally aware of anyway to recover your active tasks.

I would assume you have had some data loss, so this may not be possible, and if it was, I think it would be much more work then restarting the torrents.

It is always a good idea to run a scandisc when you have an error like this.


ps. Concerning your bit comet version. We recommend that our members not use version .59 and .60 because of the issues with these versions under some circumstances not respecting pirvate trackers

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Thanks for the quick reply

I have checked the hard drive integrity only last week so I dont think it is that.

This has happened once before a year ago on a different computer.

I am thinking there must be a file in bitcomet that controls the active list. If I know the name, I could use Ontrack recovery tools to do a raw scan for any remants of this file.

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That would be downloads.xml in the BitComet program directory.

Why on earth do you have 80+ torrents going at once? If they're all active, then they're all starving for bandwidth. If they're not active, why do that?

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No, they are not all active, most are in the download list waiting to be finished one after another. The torrents are a diverse range I grabbed from many different sites so it would be a pain to find the correct torrent I need again especially when some torrent names are not indicative of the actual content.

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That must be h*** to manage. I keep a separate directory for torrents "to be downloaded....someday" and when I have the bandwidth available, load one of them. When you save a torrent file to disk, you can edit the filename to anything you please before you save it -- nothing checks or cares about the filename of the torrent.

Can't change the displayed name in BitComet, so I know what you mean about the poorly chosen torrent names, but this makes that a lot easier to manage. And it's not vulnerable to a corrupted downloads.xml file like that.

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