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Yes, I have been using Bitcomet for some time.

I'm always afraid the FBI's gonna come get me or something though. :P

<--Scared. :o

Tee-Hee, nice to meet everyone here!

Reading alot of the forums are a big help.

<---Wishes he didn't waste time kicking comp and just read some! <_<

-Nelson B)

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Hi nelson,

Your computer requests that you please stop kicking him...

he also mumbled something about microsoft products... not sure whats up with that...


So. . . what do the cool kids use? :lol:

I suck with computers, but I try to learn as much as I can!!

-Nelson B)

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Microsoft is fine as long as you're not using one of the discontinued versions 9x & ME. Even 2k is starting to get outdated.

Anyway try using a free program by the name of CCleaner to do some quick clean up work on your PC. Its free for download & use, just click on an add or two on the main site before you go to their download pages. :)

As for Antivirus program McAfee 2006 just tested at the top. PC Cilian(sp?) is also good as well as Kaspersky. Do not use Norton or Zonealarm. And just remember to keep your copy of Windows Updated.

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