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Torrent files link no longer recognised in BC

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I finally decided to upgrade from version 0.6 to 0.7 after problems with losing the download list. I did a clean uninstall and install ( i.e. I deleted the BC_cache in the temp file).

BC 0.70 worked absolutely fine for 2 days but now when I click to download torrent link in Internet Explorer, even though it will automatically open Bitcomet, the torrent is not put into the transfer list??!!!

I can still manually open saved torrent files and this IS recognised and put into the transfer list.

Problem is a lot of free webhosting site dont allow you to save the torrent. You must click to open it.

Anybody have any ideas whats going on? I cant understand why it worked before but not 2 days later. I did a virus, registry and spyware check and my system is clean. I have not install or uninstall anything during those past 2 days.

I dont fancy reinstalling Windows XP or Internet explorer as I have broken my install disc a long time ago.

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I stongly suggest you switch browsers. I prefer mozilla firefox. Although it uses alot of memory, its far superior to IE. Opra is also a good browser.

If you want to save the torrent in your IE, try "right click" and "save as". This should work.

I'm not exactly sure why the torrent files arn't starting correctly from your browser, but have you tried executing them from your desktop, or folder?

If they work there, then its your browser at fault.


ps. It has been known for some time that I.E. reports your browsing history to microsoft. When confronted with this, microsoft claims all data is collected anon. and only used for demographics research... yeah right...

http://www.mozilla.com/ <--- Get Firefox

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Opera is better than both FF & IE. And now its free for download. You could also just wait a few months for IE7 which is a vast improvement and really levels the playing field with Firefox.

You can read up on the new browsers here. Opera 9 is not longer beta and it works great, I'm using it now with IE7.


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