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No up speed, as well as dl speed.


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I've got ADSL 256 kb/s, Sagem modem (F@st 800/840) with v3.0 drivers (Installed as USB ADSL Lan Adapter) I use cFos v.7.0 to connect internet, BitComet 0.7 to download, and Windows Xp with Sp2 as OS. I know about the connection limit, and I've already set it from 10 to 100. When I'm downloading ANY torrent, I can't connect to ANY of the peers (I've tried with many different torrents) , although there are plenty of them. I usually have 20 kb/s dl speed and 10kb/s upload speed, but now they're both at 0. Turning off the XP firewall doesn't change a thing. These are the my settings:



Global max download rate = unlimited

Global max upload rate = 10 kb/s

Task Schedule

Max simultaneous download tasks = 100

Automaticly start a new task if download rate below = 10kb/s

Listen port=15898 (chanching it doesn't change anything)

No proxy


Do not prompt when add new ask = no

Allocate disk when add new task = no

Add .bc! extension for incomplete file = yes

Delete 0 byte files when task is removed = yes

Display task delete confirm dialog = yes

When download is finished

Hash-check again when download task is finished

auto stop task when share ratio reaches = no limit

do not auto stop task when seeds less then = 5

shut down computer when all task are finished and auto stopped


Maximum upload rate per task = no limit

Minimum upload rate per task = no limit

Minimum upload rate per seeding task = 3 kb/s

Chatting is disabled


Check for updates on startup= yes

default bittorrent client = yes

disable torrent confirm file download dialog = yes

set hash check thread to low priority = yes

add dht network as backup tracker =yes

add backup tracker if connection isn't estabilished in 1 minute

backup trackers = none


Enable DHT network = yes

Enable Nat/firewall configuration in ics/icf (xp only) = yes

Enable unpn port mapping (xp only) = yes

Remove ports on Nat/firewall (xp only) = no

Maximum connections per task = auto

Connections to keep per task = auto

Global maximum upload slots = auto

Global minimum upload slots = auto

Socket send buffer size = auto

Socket start interval = 300 ms

Max open tcp connections = 100

use nat traversal via udp = automatic

protocol encryption = auto detect

Ip rules

Enable reporting lan ip to tracker = yes

enable ip filter file ipfilter.dat (compatibile with emule) = yes

max sessions per ip for downloading task = 3

max sessions per ip for uploading task = 1

Disk cache

minimum disk cache size = 100 mb

maximum disk cache size = 200 mb

shrink disk cache if free physical mermory lower than 50 mb

auto choose cache size in given range = yes

If anyone need more config specification, fell free to post a reply

If anyone can tell me how to improve my Bitcomet performance, basing on my configuration please post a reply too.

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As far as increasing your download speed, with 256kb/s max download provided by your ISP, the max you could download measured in Bytes is 32kB/s.

Out of that you may be about to adverage 25kB/s if you adjust your settings a bit, but any more would require upgrading your internet connection.

Now on to the real problem...

Something has changed to block your connection, most often this is firewall related.

I will assume its not a port issure since you have tried changing ports. I would also recommend you get a better firewall then windows firewall.

Sygate is perhaps the most secure, Mcafee is good, and very easy to use.

Now, as for exactly what happened to cause your bit comet to stop connecting is hard to say. Did you install any new hardware or software at the time it stopped?

Have you tested a known good torrent?

I'm also sorry to say I personally don't have experience with your hardware, so can't offer advice specific to this (perhaps other here might know of any issures)

Am I correct that you are not using a router?, just a direct usb connected modem?

When bit comet runs, are you getting any tracker errors? or no connection at all?


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Thanks for such a quick reply.

1. I'll try to use another firewall

2. I didn't istall any new software

3. All my problems started when i took my hard drive to a friend of mine, and connected it

to his computer as a slave disk (to copy a real big file). Maybe I've catched a virus or sth

but my antivir soft (avast! with latest virus database) didn't detect anything.

4. I don't recive any tracker problems at all (everything is ok but the connection.)

5 Since my last post Bitcomet finally connected to some peers, but didn't start downloading

or uploading data.

6 I've got Celeron 1.2 GHZ, 256 Mb Sdram, sapphire radeon 9200 128mb 128 bit ram

and 160 GB Segate hard disk

7 I Am sure that i use direct USB adsl modem.


Thank you.

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well, we can be sure that something happened when your hard drive was removed, and reinstalled.

Here is a test of antivirus you might be insterested in reading.


Avast detected 76% of the viruses tested.

I would run a scan with kaspersky (99% detected), or another top performer.

I am also wondering about your update that you can now connect to tracker. I suggest you try running a torrent that is known to be very healthy (I can recommend one if you like)


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You should consider using Ethernet connections for your modem it will make things easier and let XP do the work of connection without additional junk. Also, you don't need to mess with the patch for the limit. Thats turned out to be a big misconception. You can read about it in out guides setion here, tcpip.sys limit aka XP SP-2 limit.

You need some kind of firewall when connection to the internet. The Windows one will work fine. If you don't want to use that one then you can use Kerio Personal Firewall, its free.

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