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Whole download content deleted when removing task.

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This is the 2nd time not only my task was removed but also the files. The 1st time I thought "oh well, I probably missclicked". But since then I was double checking everytime I did that, and I am -sure- I didn't do that again, and the whole folder of downloaded content disappeared on me.

Why does that happen?

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Please go through to find some help:http://www.p2pforums.com/viewtopic.php?p=134865#134865


Guess it was too late, it didn't show. But I did check by deleting some unneeded file that I have and the program itself works.

I am redownloading now and it goes well. Thanks for the program.

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Not so. You guys are in a hurry and wind up hitting the remove task and files settings instead of just remove task. Try turning on the delete confirm dialogue option so this doesn't happen again.

What part of "But since then I was double checking everytime I did that, and I am -sure- I didn't do that again" didn't you get?

I already got help and that's that, you don't have to show how good your technical support skills are by telling other people are wrong.

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Alright, sorry.

But this proves above any doubt (unless you think users are also liars rather than only hasty) that there is indeed a bug:


A person there says:

At first I thought that I had just accidentally hit "remove task and all files" but then when I noticed that I still had the other file that I had highlighted at the same time was still there I was confused. And then when I used Restoration and the missing file wasn't there, and I did a complete system search and it wasn't there, I was even more confused. Especially since Restoration did have some completely different files from a torrent that I did select "remove task and all files" with before.

So whatever it is, please fix it.

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