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do BT create fragmented Files?

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If you are really concerned that your files are getting scattered all over your disk BitComet has a solution.

Click the button labeled Preferences then click Task. You should now see a pane headed with Download, a couple of radio buttons down will be one labeled Allocate disk space before downloading. Check it and then your files will have disk space allocated to each of them immediately. If you are low on disk space this is probably not such a good idea. But if you're worried about fragmentation and are sure that you have plenty of disk space this might be just what the doctor ordered.

At the top of this pane is an option for you to change the default download folder. If you run several clients (I do for testing) you can select your own default folder from here.

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Thanks for e advise..

Will try out ur recommandation.

currently i dl directly to the default location inside c drive.

If I partition a part solely for BT files as a way to minimize virus damage, is is fesible?

If infected, i will jus formate tat particular drive instead of my boot drive.

Sorry i'm new to download so a bit concern abt accidiently downloading virus. :D

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a downloaded (inactive) virus can be deleted from any location. If you have an active virus, you will need a good antivirus to detect it, and may have to delete infected files.

If your anti virus scans all incoming files, and you don't open any compressed archives containing viruses, then you are not likely to be infected.

I use mcafee and kaspersky, both among the best.


ps. any downloaded files will fragment if your disc is fragmented, preallocating will prevent this if your hard drive is kept well maintained.

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