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Cant convert xvid/ogg file to dvd


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Where do i start!

Been searching for related problems but cant seem to get any further.

Files i have downloaded didnt originally play in med 10,divx player etc. Through here managed to find Gspot and find what files are as want to convert to dvd. Managed to get playing on pc now as found needed a ogg vorb plug in-done that now. I have nero reloaded and it wont insert files for converting.

Info from gspot:

ogg media stream, codec 4cc xvid for video section 25fps

audio ogg_vorbis_1 (0x674f) Ogg Vorbis 48000hz

comments metadata-xiphophorus

stream type application/x-ogg

video path to play it?(S) --> Ogg Splitter --> DivX Decoder Filter --> ®

audio pathS) --> Ogg Splitter --> Vorbis Decoder --> ®

I guess the audio is the problem? Is there any free software to convert this to a dvd as is a large file and nero will still not insert any of the files for converting as not supported?

Have also inserted some nero plug ins(from reading loads of posts) but still no good.

Please dont ask for ref to where file as gone now i think.

Please help, thks for reading


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Found super c before this thread but couldnt find download link at time,persevered now and found it.Finally got it to convert to mpeg2 format with super c,nero still crashed when tried to convert from this.Can you tell im useless at this?

Tried twice so far with different conversions and both failed. Now using nero 7 and this still wouldnt insert original files,so trying to convert the files from super c again using nero 7. Getting really fed up as using athlon 1100 is very slow.....If this dont work will probably delete the 4 gig of files and look elsewhere for another 3 days of tying up the pc :(

Thanks for replies though and info but never had problems like these files before

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I've heard Avi2Dvd is a good program.

As for converting your ogg (xvid), I have done this with nerovision.

There should be no need to convert to mpeg first.

Here is something you can try.

When you get to the add video files, by default the "file types" is set to "all supported video files"

Change this to "show all files"

If these .ogg files truely are .xvid encoded, then nerovision will transcode them.

This has worked for me.

If this doesn't work for you, then you may need to install a plugin.


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Nero sees the files(originals)ok but when i click on them it comes up unable to insert.

Where could i get relevant plugins?

Nero seem to have converted the files from super 7 overnight but totally got final file size wrong as now using shrink to fit to dvd. In all that will be three file conversions, not sure what quality will be like if works at all!

Will also look at



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I'm not sure what you mean by nero got files sizes wrong.

You have no need to run dvd shrink, nerovision can adjust the bit rate to fit your disc.

Keep in mind that when encoding xvid to dvd, use about a max of 1-1.5gb of xvid per dvdr disc.

Even with 1gig xvid you will need to reduce bit rate to fit your 4.38gb dvdr disc.


ps. I downloaded a nero seven plug in pack some time ago, perhaps that is why mine will handle these files. I suggest you visit the nero forum and see if there are any posts regarding these file types.

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I am putting 5 files of originally roughly 128mb xvid avi to each dvd. As i add each file nero adjusts the quality to fit to dvd(new in 7 version). Before i said burn files, the target file was 4.37 of 4.38. It ended up being 5.5 ish gb for some reason? Never had problems before with it. will have to look into options again. Main thing it converted it from the super c conversion and will see if worked from shrink tonight. Will look for plugins but hard when 2yr old tugging on leg to concentrate :) . Only another 19 files to convert :P

Thanks gav

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Right, updated nero with plug in pack for ogg, also downloaded avi2dvd.

Found possibly where file came from and it seems loads of people have trouble converting these files and even have to download codecs just to play them. Suggested to rename each file .ogm as named wrong. Did that as before avi2dvd wouldnt touch it. Then avi2dvd did accept it once renamed extension, ran it up and two hours later failed with errors and locked pc up.

Tried with nero(updated)with renamed extension and still wouldnt insert.

The dvd had worked yesterday with shrink but unable to watch as really blocky and skipping but sound in sync though, so another coaster <_<

Dont know if i can post the name of the file?? without banning?? If so i will as its the only one i can find so cant download from another source.

Im sure there is a way around it but will have to stop for now as going to get a divorce otherwise :rolleyes:

Any help greatly appreciated


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