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Why does it upload when I am opting for a download

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I chose to download a movie file but after 2 hrs of data downloading, I see a simultaneous upload. My download shows 153.50 with upload of 151.95

total download 195.49 and total uploaded shows 196.75

what does it means and what is it that is getting uploaded and why is it getting uploaded when I have opted only download.

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It's evident you haven't learned much about Bittorrent before you started using it.

Bittorrent requires that you share the pieces of files you've downloaded, with others. It's something of a trade. If you have nothing to offer anyone else, they won't offer you much, and that rarely, so your download will be very, very slow.

Torrent clients seek other clients which are responsive, and have pieces that they do not have, in exchange for pieces that they do have. That's Bittorrent in a nutshell. When you first join a swarm, you're given a few pieces gratis, but after that, if you're not uploading too, you'll be largely snubbed by the rest of the swarm.

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Here is a good resource for learing bit torrent protocall...


It is true that you can get almost anything you want for free using bit torrent.

this is only half true, as you are expected to "pay" for the download by making these same files availble to others.

People that download and don't upload their part are called "leechers"

no one likes a leech

I suggest you do some reading, and embrace bit torrent, as the best way of fileshareing.

Or, if you perfer to just download, there are many sites that you can pay money to download, rather then simply sharing (uploading) what you download.


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