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I keep locking up in BC & must reboot

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Please I have had problems with BC in both the .70 and previous builds. BC keeps locking up solid. My cursor and all tasks start to slow, then the whole PC just locks solid. ctl+alt+del won't even work. This has happened hundreds of times. I have no firewalls I have reformatted HD twice since the problem started. I am running W98c (I know!!! but I still need a couple of older apps to run that will not on newer OS).

It rarely happens on smaller or less popular torrents. But when I try for good torrents I'll be OK for an hour or a day and then it will start. I lock up. I reboot and start again and I could lock one hour or one minute later again. Some torrents will continue this repeatedly until I have to delete them. If I reboot, choose a random listen port and restart I can get by sometimes. It seems more like a classic denial-of-service attack than like a PC bug. Maybe I'm just paranoid, but it seems like one or more users are deliberately blocking my download, as it happens on the more popular stuff and comercial-type downloads, but never on obscure e-books or wallpapers.

Any idea what's going on? I went months O.K. before this started. Now is more and more leaves me helpless!!

Please help.

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Are you at least running 98SE? Those apps you need, did you try XP's compatibilty module?

Un-install BC, run this free app www.ccleaner.com. Be sure to click on one of their ads on the main page before going to their download page.

After you run a cleaning reinstall the most up to date version of BC. And stay away from .torrents that have files more than 4GB in size. As 98SE only uses FAT32 instead of NTFS, and this is a known error that FAT32 will not read files larger than 4GB.

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Thanks for the fast response Dark_Shroud.

I will give it a try, but I run adaware and other sypware cleaners daily. I reformat my HD once every month or two for security. Having formatted twice since problem began I wonder if it will work... and yes I'm stuck with 98SE as one app needs the old windows system directory in place and installs istself there (only 95 and 98 work, not even Win ME works. The torrent sizes are never over 1 gig and usually 70 -600 mb in size, and I'm on a fast cable connection. I will give this cleaner a try when my current torrents are through and will post again if I have problem.


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I strongly suggest you install a 32bit version of windows.

you can install winNT or win2000 or winxp and share the primary hard drive partition with your win98.

win9x o/s will not deal with any conflicts without locking up, where any of the o/s I mentioned will be much more stable.

Unless you MUST run your older software at the same time as your bit comet, I strongly suggest you setup dual boot.

Another option is buy a used pc on ebay. You can get a good pentium two computer for well under $100, and possible for $1 plus shipping. This will run your win98 programs fine, while you can have another pc do your other stuff.


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