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Bad Listening ports!

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This is probably a noob question, but here goes. I have been using bitcomet for many months now, its worked great. I usually get like 100+kbs. I love the program. But as of a few days ago, whenever I open my program, The error message "XXXXX is a bad listening port" or, a port it cant connect or whatever. I have tried randomizing, I get the same error. With this error, i get less than 30kbps on my fast download, slower ones like 1-3 kb. Thats ridiculous on dsl. Can someone help please?

Oh, I made the exception for bitcomet in my windows fire wall, and my mcafee suite. I turned both off, but I still get the error. Thanks.

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DO NOT run windows firewall if you have mcafee installed.

I also recommend using one of the higher port numbers 50,000 to 60.000 range will do fine.

If you are using a router, you will need to forward that port and setup a static ip address in windows.

portforward.com has step by step guides with screenshots.


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