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Harddisk space "lost" !


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I am using WinXPSP2. When 0.69 keep crashing, I try to download 0.70. Before that, I only downloaded about 9% of a file cost 1.2GB. The size of 1.2GB was preallocated by 0.69. When I uninstall 0.69, it does not release the allocated size and the entire folder was deleted. I thought 0.70 will recover it, but to no avail.

I am very sure of this "lost" space because I have a disk space constraint and I have keep monitoring this torrent size.

I also run checkdisk and defragmentation but still cannot recover. Any advice is appreciated.


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If you want to continue your download in a different client, it may be necessary to remove the .bc! from the file name, if you use this option.

If you can not view the files, and want to delete them, try looking for them in safe mode, this bypasses both windows file protection, and hiding hidden and system files.

I have both of these functions disabled, but only recommend it if you are an expirenced user.


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That should not be a problem.

If it is a USB drive, it should load the drivers fine. SCSI will also load no problem.

If you have a network drive NAS, then start in safemode with network support.

I will also add something I came across on a computer I was troubleshooting today. It had nearly 60gigs of temp files within the documents and settings folder.

You can hover the mouse over the folders, to see the data iinside, and I traced it down to a bunch of Nero cache files that the owner made when using an unstable version of nero. Even after her ran neros Uninstall program, and a good uninstaller, there were still a bunch of cache files over four gigs each.

I can't say if this is in any way related to your problem, and its prob not, but thought I would mention.


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