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Download Speed Fluctuations?

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I'm new to this so I'm just wondering why does my download speed keep fluctuating from around 50-60 kbs to like 1kb which would take days for movies. I have T2 rogers so thats fast for internet and my other question is why when I download popular torrents with thousands of seeds off torrentspy im only connected to like 26seeds with about 36 available? So when you download torrents does it not let you connect to ALL the seeds it specifies in the search. Btw the fluctuations in download speed arent cause of my surfing or other programs becuase I'm not and there arent any. Oh yeah, my upload speeds are generally like 1 to 2kb as well, if that info can help as well I know I'm capable of say two movies downloading both at 65kb/s which equalls around two hours, and I had those speeds consistent sometimes but rarely. Any help appreciated thx.

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have you run a speedtest on your Internet connection?

I think you might be confused with the terms.

as for bit torrent protocall, it will provide more download to the peers that upload the most.

You can read more here...


If your upload speed is really as poor as you say, then I think its not likely you have a T2 internet connection.

Now, concerning your upload, if you use all your bandwidth sending data, then it will bog down your client, and your download speed will suffer. The idea is to find the right setting for your connection, which is about (max upload speed "x" kB/s less 20% is a good place to start.

I would review our settings guide for more details.

also, if you are using a router you will need to forward your listening port for bit torrent to work properly.

again visit our guides section, or go to portforward.com, they have guides for most routers.

I hope this helps


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Thats the problem I do have T2 because of tests I'v done and the fact that my ISP specifications are rogers high speed express with 5.0Mbps download and 384Kbps upload, yet I get average 3kb/s upload and low download speeds for this, :blink: . I also get very fast downloads of internet explorer and limwire(which also has high upload speeds for my files). So in conclusion it's obviously not my ISP or modem but it's probably some problem with how my computer runs this specific program or my bitcomet isn't configured for optimal performance. By the way thanks for the wiki link it looks intresting, and who knows it might help.

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