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dark shroud took the time to put the link to the setting guide on his replys.

However, some torrents will run slow, no matter how well tuned your client is, for many reasons, but the most common is people that run multiple torrents at the same time.

All they are doing is slowing up the whole comunity.


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So where is the guide

Its in our forum's guide section. Like Suspect said I have a link in my sig to that and maney useful tools.

If it doesn't work - NOT FAIR!!

If what doesn't work? Fair? You're getting a program for free plus free tech support from people who aren't getting paid for it. And most of us who do the tech support here and at the old forums have college educations and should be paid big bucks by the hour for this crap. So really what not fair?

Then I must to download NON-TORRENT File!!

If you want to, I have no idea what you're talking about. By the way typing in all caps is considered yelling.

I have DAP Already!

What the heck is DAP?

All in all you need to take a chill pill and realize that p2p programs take a little time to set up.

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