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where to put the folder or file when concurrent download are done with it task

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Hello World,

I am a newbie to BitComet user member : I want to know just as after installing this p2p Bit Comet program , does it has a favourite menu or else where i can transfer the finished download file to?

it is very confusing to locate the files while downloading and finished downloading one.

I could be wrong where to find this destinationfof folder finished downloading.... :rolleyes: <_< :( :mellow: :unsure:

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When you click on "preferences"

Then "task"

then "default download path"

you can then select any location you like to save your files to.

Your previous files are likely in "program files\bit comet\downloads"

but when you do as I said, your current download location will be displayed, so take note before you change it.


*moved from request and suggestions to support forum*

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After the file has completed you can move it anywhere you want to. If you want to continue seeding it, which you should, drop the torrent, move the file, re-add the torrent and point the download location to wherever you moved the file, then select "seeding" as the task.

This is one point that ☺torrent has all over BitComet -- you can specify another path that the files will be moved to when they're complete. Azureus may do this too, IMSMR. Love that feature.

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