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Hi everyone. Strange 1 this. set up a linksys wag 54 gs speedbooster gateway on 1 computer. connects to the internet and also allows connection and download through bit comet.......I aslo set up a wireless connection through a usb linksys adaptor on 2nd computer...i can get all internet access the same as the 1st computer....BUT i cannot get bitcomet to work....keeps saying unable to listen at port ?????.....can anyone help..ihave done port forwarding on the gateway for both computers and the port numbers...all help appreciated

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I suggest you use the guides posted at Portforward.com, and be sure to set a static IP address for both machines, if they are both gonna use bit comet.

Also, just guessing here, but did you know that each machine needs a different port?

I can only say for sure that you definately do NOT have your port forwarded properly if you get that error message.


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Weeelll, that's not quite correct. For the vast majority of routers, the combination of IP + port is required and enforced. So I can have two different machines with two different IP's on the same (wired or wireless) network, using the same listen port, with no problem at all. This is also the root of the reason why using a static IP to connect to the router is so strongly advised.

But this error indicates that something else is already using that port on that machine. It is most commonly seen when there is another copy of BitComet already running. If you have BitComet set to start automatically with Windows at bootup, then try to start BC again, you'll see this error. If you have some other software, like messenger or eMule running, and using that same port, ditto. This is why we suggest using a port in the range of 49000-65535, because conflicts with other apps will be rare. They will still happen if something else is using the port, though. It's pretty much up to you to know what's running on your machine and what ports are being used.

Another common cause is when there is a software firewall, and it's blocking BC's outgoing connection attempts.

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