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<16 appearing in the KB/s Up column


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This is just a silly question as there seems to be no affect to the operation of my client, but.

I'm using BitComet 0.70 and for the last few days every task shows something similar to this:

  • KB/s Up...

and so on

This started with just the top 4 or 5 tasks followed by the <16, but now it is all of them.


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this means you have 16kB/s set as your max upload speed, the number before that is what you are accually uploading.

I'm sure you know that this is very low by todays standards, and as such, I would recommend you only run one torrent at a time.

If I understand this correct, you are running seven torrents, and some are providing zero upload, and not one over 10kB/s, then you are just slowing down the whole process for everyone.

Plus, if you provide better upload, your download speeds will increase, so everyone wins, and if you continue to connect to peers and provide no upload, people will start to ban your ip address and your speeds will just get worse and worse.


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I was just giving arbitrary numbers except for the <16.

I'm always changing things to see what the effect will be. The thing is, this is new behavior. BC did not do this before and I have not capped my u/l. And actually at the present time I have one torrent that is u/loading @ 20KB/s all by itself while the <16 is still in the column.

I have no complaints about the actual transfer speeds as quite often I very nearly saturate my bandwidth. Right this moment that torrent that was at 20 is up to 34KB/s.

Maybe it's something screwy with my current set up, because as I think I said in my first post, this started with just a couple of rows. It wasn't doing the <16 across the board until several hours after it started. And I've been using 0.70 for quite a while with no <16 showing up at all.

Thanks for taking the time to reply.

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